Clash of Titans : kerala blasters vs east bengal

kerala blasters vs east bengal

Introduction of kerala blasters vs east bengal 

Indian football fans have always had an immense feeling of loyalty to their teams, and
this zeal is at its height when two legendary sides, such as kerala blasters vs east bengal, go head-to-head. These games are more than just football contests; they are national social events of supporters. We’ll explore the longstanding past, intense rivalry, and excitement surrounding the Kerala Blasters vs. East Bengal matches in this blog.

The Conflict

One of the most heated and famous rivalries in Indian football is that involving Kerala Blasters and East Bengal. The pride, fervor, and sense of belonging that the spectators bring to the stadium are just as important as the actual game.

The Kerala-based Kerala Blasters were one of the first teams to compete in the Indian Super League (ISL) in 2014. The “Manjappada” (Yellow Brigade), their fervent support group, gives them unflinching support. However, East Bengal, which is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, has a history that dates back to 1920. They have a passionate following known as the “East Bengal FC.”

The Matches

Every time these two teams compete on the pitch, the supporters enjoy an emotional
rollercoaster that goes beyond the game itself. Fans are singing, screaming, and waving flags and banners as they enter the stadium, which is painted in the colors of the opposing clubs. Everyone in attendance will have an amazing experience thanks to the exciting surroundings.

There have been some notable moments in Kerala Blasters vs. East Bengal games over
the years. These games are filled with everything, from amazing scores to tense finishes. With their encounters in the Indian Super League, where both clubs battle for supremacy, the animosity has only grown more heated.

Matches Played between kerala blasters vs east bengal:




20 Dec, 2020

KER   – 1

EBFC – 1


15 Jan, 2021

KER   – 1

EBFC – 1


12 Dec, 2021

KER    – 1

EBFC  – 1


14 Feb, 2022

KER    – 1

EBFC  – 0


7 Jul, 2022

KER    – 3

EBFC  – 1


3 Feb, 2023

KER    – 0

EBFC  – 1



Outside the Field :

kerala blasters vs east bengal have a rivalry that goes past their playing surface.

On social media, fans joke around, and arguments over which team is better can be found all over the internet. Passionate debates about the backgrounds, achievements, and fan bases of the two clubs are frequent. 

The upcoming :

The rivalry between Kerala Blasters and East Bengal endures as an unwavering symbol
of tradition and fervor despite the ongoing evolution of Indian football. Fans can anticipate more thrilling games that will add fresh chapters to this legendary rivalry as both teams strive for success in the ISL and beyond.

Conclusion :

Matches between kerala blasters vs east bengal are more than just football contests;

They are a celebration of the “beautiful game” and an expression of the fervent devotion that Indian football supporters have for the game. These games blend the many cultural traditions of Kerala and West Bengal while showing the ability of sport to bring people together.

The rivalry between Kerala Blasters and East Bengal will exist as long as Indian football thrives, producing incredible events and reminding us all of the rich tapestry of emotions that make football one of the finest sports in the world.







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