India vs pakistan asia cup rivalry with a rich history with india vs pakistan asia cup 2022

india vs pakistan asia cup

In india vs pakistan asia cup, cricket frequently gets referred to as the national sport and is dear to the hearts of millions. When these two cricketing titans face off, it is more than simply a match; there is a fierce rivalry that knows no bounds. Cricket matches between India and Pakistan have long been a source of fervor, excitement, and tension for spectators on both sides of the border. We’ll examine the background and documentation of these renowned conflicts in this blog.

The Historical Background :

When India and Pakistan first played each other in a Test match in 1952, their sporting rivalry began. Since that time, some of the most recognized encounters in the history of the sport have taken place among these two countries. An India vs. Pakistan encounter is always eagerly awaited, no matter whether it is a Test match, ODI, or T20 International.

Test Matches :

There have been 59 Test matches between India and Pakistan as of the most recent knowledge update. Pakistan has twelve victories, whereas India has nine. The fact that most of these games were drawn shows how fiercely competitive and resilient both teams were.

Total Matches

Won by India

Won by Pakistan






 Important Test Series :

  •           1952 – 1953 : Pakistan won the very first Test series against India and Pakistan 2-1 in 1952–1953.
  •           1999: India won a historic Test series against Pakistan in India, with India’s thrilling victory in Chennai accounting as the series’ high point.


One-Day Internationals (ODI’s):

India and Pakistan have clashed frequently in the game’s shorter format. They had played 132 ODIs as of 2021, with India leading Pakistan with a 55-77 win-loss record.

Total Matches

Won by India

Won by Pakistan






 Important ODI games:

  •            1992 Cricket World Cup: Pakistan defeated India in the final match to win the competition for the first time.
  •            2011 Cricket World Cup : India defeated Pakistan in the semifinal of the 2011 Cricket World Cup en route to taking away the trophy.
  •            2017 ICC Champions Trophy : Pakistan defeated India handily in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final to win the trophy, surprising India.


Twenty20 Internationals (T20I’s):

The India vs. Pakistan rivalry has taken on a new dimension because to T20 cricket, offering viewers with continuous intensity. They had played 8 T20Is as of 2021, with India winning the head-to-head record 7-1.

Total Matches

Won by India

Won by Pakistan






 Important T20I Games:

  •            2007 ICC World Twenty20 : India defeated Pakistan in the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 final to win the tournament’s inaugural title.
  •            2016 ICC World Twenty20 :India defeated Pakistan in a vital group-stage match of the 2016 ICC World Twenty20.


India vs Pakistan Asia cup 2022 [T20]:

  • 28th August, 2022 : India vs Pakistan match was held in Asia cup 2022. India won by 5 wickets.
  • 4th September, 2022 : Again the same rivalry happened. Pakistan won by 5 wickets.

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup :

The most eagerly awaited matches of the Asia Cup are always the contests between Pakistan and India. These matches are about more than simply cricket; they are also about national pride, growth, and strong emotions. The Asia Cup record of India vs. Pakistan games provides proof of the intense rivalry.

Remarkable Experiences:

  •           1984: India and Pakistan faced off in the maiden Asia Cup final. Sunil Gavaskar served as the captain for India, which won by a score of 54 runs. India’s victory was greatly impacted by Ravi Shastri’s all-around effort.
  •            2018: India and Pakistan played in a thrilling group-stage match. India won by 8 runs after holding onto a modest total. The intense competition showed the breadth of ability on both sides.


Making Fans One:

Even though there is a fierce rivalry between India and Pakistan on the field, these games frequently act as a forum for fostering friendship and peace off the field. Sometimes cricket enthusiasts from both nations get together to bond over their shared love of the game.


The cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan is more than just a competitive sporting event. These games have produced iconic moments in cricket history and have been viewed by millions of people across the world. The competition brings forth the best in both sides, exhibiting their players’ talent, tenacity, and sportsmanship. 



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